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Support For Your Organisation

Supporting Children, Adults, Young People, And Families In The Community 

We have numerous packages available at Creative Minds that can help support children, adults, young people, and families in the community with their mental health. 

Working together with other organisations within our community is something we are extremely passionate about. Being able to come together with other services, charities, and CIC's within our community and working together to support one another has proven to offer the best possible support to service users accessing each organisation.  Resulting in individuals needs being met quicker and more effectively.

If you would like to discuss more information about our available packages, or other ways we can collaborate, please get in touch.

Available Packages (More information available upon request):

​Parent/Carer Support:

Offering support for parents and carers.  This can be carried out through a variety of different methods, including workshops, support groups, holistic services, and therapeutic programmes. 

Creative Workshops:

A 1 - 2 hour creative workshop includes early intervention for 6-8 children with emerging needs or consistent low level difficulties. Themes and topics can be arranged to suit the groups needs of support. Smaller groups can be tailored for up to 4 children with long standing complex needs.

4 to 6 week programmes:

Group Therapy for 4-8 children with low level to complex needs. This will run over a 4 to 6 week period and will involve more in depth structure, focusing on certain mental health topics the group may be struggling with.

Individual Counselling:

Includes individual therapy for any child, adult, and young person that may be struggling with their mental health and well-being.

Holistic Treatments:

A variety of holistic treatments are available, including massage, Reiki, Indian head massage and more.

Workshops for adults can also be arranged upon request.

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