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Our Mission


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an accessible service for children, adults, young people and families which provides a safe, creative space where people no longer have to feel alone with their thoughts and feelings. 


We aim to build Peoples resilience and self-esteem, offer support and care and teach new strategies to help cope better with the issues people may be facing.


At Creative Minds we believe early intervention is key and understand waiting for support can be a lengthy process. With this in mind we want to provide a service for children, adults and young people who are on a long waiting list for therapeutic intervention. We aim to give a wide range of support during this waiting period including the opportunity to engage in private counselling, therapeutic programmes, holistic therapies and psycho-educational workshops.


We also understand that not everyone may be ready for one to one counselling and would like to give those who would still like to engage in some kind of therapeutic activities the opportunity to dip in and out of our service whenever they feel is best for them.

Creative Minds will always strive to provide an inclusive service where ever possible. However, in circumstances when work is outside of our capacity or expertise, we will always try to signpost individuals to more suitable organisations. It is also important to note that we are situated on the 1st floor of the building, with no lift.  In situations where a person is not able to access our suit, we will always try to offer alternative ways of working, such as telephone or videocall sessions if suitable.

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