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Creative Workshops

Wellbeing Workshops For All Ages.

It can be very difficult to express yourself verbally, especially after experiencing a trauma or significant life event.


Our Wellbeing workshops offer children, adults, young people, and families an opportunity to be around like minded individuals who may be in similar situations to themselves.  Offering the chance to express thoughts and emotions in fun and creative ways, our one off workshops aim to help those who attend feel heard and supported.

Our Therapeutic Programmes give each individual the opportunity to explore their issues in more depth.  Combining both talking therapies and creative alternatives, these sessions will run over a 4 to 6 week period, allowing time to gain trusted relationships and allow self expression in a way that feels safe and natural for all.

We aim to teach people about different emotions and help build their resilience against BIG and overwhelming feelings.  The sessions will work towards raising awareness of mental health difficulties, developing a healthy mind set, and nurturing our wellbeing.​

Our workshops focus on topics such as anxiety, worry, low mood, bullying, bereavement, self-esteem, confidence and much more.

Do you work for an organisation, or own your own business, that may benefit from this type of support?


If so, please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can work together to support your service users needs.

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