Our Values

Here at Creative Minds we are passionate and committed to providing a high-quality, inclusive service for our workers and service users. We would like to share with you our values and what you should expect when using our services:

· To feel welcome, safe and free to be yourself, without judgement, in a positive and supportive environment.

· Easy access to the service with low-zero waiting times.

· Treating each other with respect, being respectful of everyone’s ideas, opinions and beliefs.

· To feel inclusive regardless of background, being part of a community where you feel able to be open and honest.

· Support for those who have additional needs, the LGBTQ+ community, the BAME community, children in care and those living in poverty. 

· To be given appropriate information about our service, including our confidentiality policy.

To see our full policies and procedures documents, please ask a member of staff.