About Our Service

At Creative Minds it is our mission to work in partnership with the community in order to provide an accessible service that aims to improve the mental health and well-being of children, adults and young people of all ages and backgrounds. We specialise in working with children, trauma, abuse and complex needs. With a lot of our work focusing on women, children, and young girls, who have experienced sexual, physical and emotional abuse, we aim to empower and rebuild the lives of those who have been affected, while also offering support and guidance for their families too.  With this in mind, our services also welcome men, boys and those from the LGBTQ+ community with open arms.

Our Aim

We are working hard to build a community of support for those who may be on lengthy waiting lists for therapeutic input, and who may need immediate support for their mental health.  This includes support for parents and carers too.

We offer a safe, friendly, approachable and welcoming environment where people can engage in a professional, yet non-clinical, service with the aim of bridging the gap of lengthy waiting periods to help prevent crisis.

How We Started

North Star Counselling was first established by Nicola Pallas in 2017. Over the years Nicola has seen and experienced the frustration from different people around the struggles for immediate support when it comes to mental health for children, adults, young people and their families. With waiting list from 6 months to a year, clients being refused therapeutic input, and some families not being able to afford private counselling, Nicola witnessed more and more people coming for therapy at crisis point. Nicola’s aim is to provide a fun, creative and educational service that is safe and easily accessible.  Nicola maintains a flexible and inclusive service providing support for all, no matter their background. Sessions are affordable or free where possible. In February 2019 Creative Minds - North Star Counselling CIC was born.  Nicola and her team are working hard to try and provide a service she has envisioned to the people of the community who deserve it most. 

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