Supervision And Coaching


At Creative Minds, we also offer one to one supervision for professionals and coaching for all. 


Our supervisors have a range of experience and some have extensive experience working with children and young people.  We offer supervision for professionals working with children, adults, young people and families in a therapeutic capacity, as well as in other supportive roles, such as teaching or nursing for example.  Our Supervisors work in a way that promotes the development of each individual, to support the growth of each individual to help them become the confident, professional self they wish to become. 

We believe the supervisory relationship should be equal and a one which encourages mutual respect and honesty.  It is the supervisors role to help build confidence and encourage self exploration to ensure each individual can resolve any issues autonomously.  We are not in any position to criticise or undermine the work of the professional but to encourage and support decisions when necessary.

Our coaching is designed for those who wish to build their confidence and self esteem, develop their skills within their field of work, or grow deeper understanding of themselves. Our coaching is suitable for anyone who is seeking support in their day to day life, or who needs support building confidence within their workplace. Our coaching is also designed for those who wish to start up their own business and are looking to build their confidence, knowledge, and self-belief to help them achieve their goals of being self-employed.

The cost of supervision is £50 per hour/£75 per 1.5 hrs.  A discounted rate may be available to students (ID must be presented on initial meeting)

The cost of coaching is £50 per hour/£75 per 1.5 hrs.

We can also offers group supervision for students on placement or newly qualified practitioners upon request:

Starting out as a counsellor can be quite exciting, empowering, and very rewarding, however it can also be scary and quite daunting. With this in mind, we would like to introduce student counsellors and newly qualified counsellors to group supervision. 


Group supervision is designed to offer support to those on their counselling placements and to those who are newly qualified. To keep the group intimate and to hold a sense of safety and security, the group will be limited to 6 people each month.  The group will be ran in a relaxed environment with opportunities to be creative, somewhere you can learn from each other, reflect on your practice or even just a space to listen and observe.


If you would like to book a place for you and your peers, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Group supervision will take place once a month and will run for 1.5 hours each time we meet. The cost of the group is £25 per person per session.