Schools And Organisations

Supporting Children, Adults, Young People And Families In The Community 

We have numerous packages available at Creative Minds that can help support children, adults, young people and families in the community with their mental health. 

We can help those who are in schools and/or other organisations/settings.

If you would like to discuss or request more information about our available packages, please get in touch.

Available Packages

*More information available upon request.

​Bronze Package:

Offering support for parents and carers. 

Silver Package:

Includes early intervention for 6-8 children with emerging needs or consistent low level difficulties

Gold Package:

Includes early intervention for up to 4 children with long standing complex needs.

Diamond Package:

Group Therapy for 4-6 children with low level to complex needs. This will run over a 6 week period.

Individual Counselling:

Includes individual therapy for any child, adult, and young person that may be struggling with their mental health and well-being.

Workshops for adults can also be arranged upon request.