COVID - 19 Families In Crisis Interventions Project.

With a few up's and downs this week and struggles of our own, we have had a bit of good news amongst it all. Thanks to #NationalLottery funding from #AwardsForAll @TNLCommunityFund we are now able to offer FREE counseling and support to some of our most vulnerable families across Tyne and Wear. Our Covid 19 Families in Crisis Interventions Project aims to support at risk families to help build resilience and provide some much needed support during these difficult times. We aim to work with our local council, local schools and community groups to help identify those most in need. We will also be offering the wider community online well being and meditation sessions, all for free! Keep a look out for regular updates on Facebook and if you are part of a local school or community group, get in touch to find out more. Thank you #NationalLottery ❤️

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